IT meets Engineering

We are a technology company specialized in emerging technologies.

Enthusiasm for innovative technical solutions and the courage to experiment, that distinguishes us at ViaObjects.

Flexible, small teams and agile methods

With experienced core team members and team leaders and a network of young talented engineers and developers, we are able to bring digital products to life in short time.

Get access to the top experts in new technologies

Only the top talents are invited in our network of experts.

Predictive Analytics, Anomaly Detection, Image Recognition

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Making Machines Understand.
We develop highly customized machine learning algorithms to transform unstructured texts into structured, universally readable data.

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HTML5, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Swift, React Native, etc.  For each project and challenge we choose the tools that fits best to solve the problem.

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Intelligent Solutions for the Industry 4.0 Industrial automation HMI Production control Warehousemanagement Embedded systems Machine to Machine Communication

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