Artificial Intelligence

Smart Process Automation

We build intelligent process automation robots.

Software robots will lead the next Industrial Revolution. Are you ready for the digitalization journey?

RPA Robot Process Automation with cognitive services like NLP (Natural Language Processing), Chatbots, OCR (Optical Character Recognition



Artificially intelligent Bots as Financial Advisors, Expense Saving Bots, Conversational Banking, Track Expenses, Manage Money, and Analyze Spending across multiple accounts.

Hospitality and Travel​

AI powered consierge and booking of rooms, restaurants, events and trips. Our Bots help hotels with time management, guest services and cost reduction. They can assist guests with frequent questions and requests. Thus, freeing up time of the hotel staff. The Bots are integrated into the hotel management software.


Our Bots can help with scheduling apointments, client engagement, information on medications and drugs, and assistance with medical devices. When dealing with personal health information, Healthcare Bots meet all the healthcare regulation requirements. They are integrated in IoT Solutions and Clinic Management Systems. ​


In the Industry 4.0 human centered manufacturing concept, Conversational Interfaces can be an effective interface between humans and sensors, robots and big data.